Future of Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Organizations

To get a view of future scenario of enterprise resource planning software it is necessary to understand the present scenario of ERP in terms of its optimum utilization, ignored areas and untouched sectors. ERP has become an integral part of business today due to its proven benefits and huge capacities but it is very easily evident that there is much to be explored and need to give up a previously set goal.


Gone are the days when ERP software was meant for large and big business organizations only which have capacity of investing money in millions. Today with the introduction of SaaS model, ERP on demand and cloud computing, ERP software has come in the reach of small and medium sized companies which has opened gates for ERP vendors to capture new markets. Simply reduced cost, integration and interaction of different departments, capacity to work with different set of rules and regulation, multi currency, multi lingual, web store and SFA are not just the features which are going to suffice the needs of small and medium sized companies.

The Hidden Outcomes of POS Software

Point of sale (POS) software has become commonplace in most retail stores today. Large chains have the advantage of analyzing their sales across the country with a few clicks of a button. And small, independently owned stores have learned how the software eases their month-end accounting duties. A basic point of sale software system provides all businesses an efficient and easy method to assess, monitor and respond to sales data. However, some businesses concentrate so much on the behind-the-scenes data that they fail to consider how POS software impacts the day-to-day interactions between customers and customer service representatives.


Imagine being stuck in a line up to a cash register. It might be the Christmas season or simply a busy shopping weekend. You peer down the line to see what the problem is. It is the cashier – they are having difficulty with a transaction. Perhaps their computer will not scan a coupon properly or an item’s sale price is not appearing. Maybe the credit card terminal is not working or perhaps the clerk is having difficulty exchanging an item. Whatever the issue is, it effects both the

Microsoft hoping users will get friends, family to leave Windows XP

Microsoft plans to end support for Windows XP on April 8, but there are still many users whose computers run the outdated software. That’s why the company has asked tech-savvy users to encourage their friends to upgrade their computers or buy new ones.


In a recent blog post, the Redmond, Wash., company said readers of its Windows blog are likely running a more modern version of the operating system, but their friends and family may not be.

“We need your help spreading the word to ensure people are safe and secure on modern up-to-date PCs,” Microsoft said in its blog.

Microsoft will no longer run tech support for users of the 12-year-old Windows XP software or issue updates that protect the operating system from viruses after April 8. The problem is many users still run Windows XP and either don’t want to upgrade their machines or don’t know that they need to.

In the post, Microsoft said tech-savvy users should encourage their friends to check

How To Build Trust with Remote Teams: 10 Steps To Succeed

Once you may need to outsource a software development, you may face with one of the biggest concern is how can I trust people at the other side of the Earth. You may try to create the working climate as comfortable as you like. Here are 10 simple steps to succeed.

  1. Search. Select. Decide.​ Make the list of potential contractors. Use all information channels you can, ask for advice, search the Internet, professional social networks, software development companies ranking resources, and so on. Create the comparison chart including all features significant or you. Select those who match, and decide how you will communicate.
  2. Value. Test. Check.​ At the early stage, after you start communication, ask the selected companies for some testimonials, interviews or even trials. Value the result and check the information.
  3. Plan. Consult. Stay clear.​Define the stages of your project together with offshore software development​ house. Consult experts from the selected company and find the other point of view either your professional or an independent one. Keep project’s requirements lucid for your outsourcer, watch the development progress is transparent for you.
  4. Ask. Listen. Share.​If there is any detail that should be specified, do it. Ask your contractor. Listen to the answers carefully, focus on the point. Share your vision, ideas or knowledge, nobody knows what is the picture in your head.
  5. Be patient.​Both a negotiating period, as well as software creation progress can last a while. Be patient, remind if your question is not resolved. The strong and positive relationship also requires some time.
  6. Be polite and attentive.​Communicate in a mild and open minded manner. Care of what your contractor is asking you. And, no matter where your partnership goes, stay polite, but firm, focus on your goals.
  7. Be human.​ ​Keep the balance.​Use some unofficial language, smile, apologize or forgive. It will reveal for you who you are working with. Set the boundaries of such personal attitude. Don’t overwhelm the contact person with much personal information. Don’t slip into chattering. Concentrate on your project.
  8. Comment. Be responsible.​Keep your preferences distinctive. Comment all the changes you would like to make. Deliver your promises, do your part of work in time and negotiate.
  9. Accept the result.​Sometimes the created software is not what you expect to be. It may be both something more than you plan and vice versa. Be proud of the result anyway, you can always improve it.
  10. Refer. Review. Remember.​ Review the software development process and mark what you would like to make differently next time. Refer you contractor to your colleagues, partners, and friends. Leave your testimonials, write what was essential for you, remember yourself when you were seeking an offshore software development company.

Text to Speech Software – What It Is and How Do You Choose One

It is remarkable that speech synthesis computer technology has led to the development of text to speech software. It enables you to change the text on computers to clearly audible speech. This is proving of immense help to students, writers, businesses and people having visual or learning impairment. TTS or text to speech software helps improving the efficiency at work, learning different languages, doing effective proofreading or simply reducing eye strain as a result of reading a lot. Here are a few considerations, should you decide to purchase TTS:

Know its features

The main function of TTS is to change text to speech. The speakers of the computer deliver an audible synthesized speech. Just imagine the convenience of listening to your routine reading, technical matters and long reports. This significantly helps reducing the strain on your eyes. You could employ it even for improving your capacity to grasp reading, and simultaneously the speed of listening. Almost all TTS come with this feature.

Another feature that most users appreciate is Text to MP3/Text to WAV. It is a great solution that helps saving a lot of time for busy persons. It enables you to save

Software Testing Framework – Maintain Your Business Competitiveness

In today’s technology driven era, the significance of Software development in managing multiple and wide array of business tasks cannot be denied. Professional developers develop products depending upon business requirements of their clients. Apart from having adequate knowledge regarding different programming languages, every developer should follow software development life cycle, which defines different set of tasks that require to be followed during the process of development.

Different steps involved in this life cycle includes conceptualizing, prototyping, architecture/ design, coding and testing. In fact, testing is a strategic element of the entire software development life cycle and is crucial for any company to maintain its competitiveness among customers and partners.

It is indeed a process of technical analysis to reveal quality-related information about the product and includes the process of executing an application or a program with the intent of finding errors. Service providers follow an interactive framework to ensure quick testing. Automation testing is a system or an environment where automated tests are executed. It is defined as the set of norms, concepts, and practices that create a platform for automated testing.

Besides being application independent, they are easy to maintain and perpetuate. There

Software Development Life Cycle – Introduction Model Stages and Advantages

What is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle is essentially the process or phases of a model or methodology, which software engineers and developers follow in developing an application or software. In simpler words, it is a process consisting of a series of planned activities for planning, creating, testing, deploying and maintenance of software.

SDLC is often referred as software development process, as it consists of all tasks, which needs to be followed while developing an application or software. SDLC is followed within IT development companies to develop, alter, replace or enhance the performance of the software. ISO/IEC 12207 is an international standard for SDLC, which ensures high quality of the newly developed software. It also helps IT development companies in improving the overall quality of their software development services.

What are the major SDLC Models, followed in the IT Industry?

There are various SDLS models, which are currently followed in the IT Industry. Often referred as ‘Software Development Process Models’, all the process models follow unique software development steps, ensuring 100% success of the development projects.

The major software development life cycle models are-

Excel Tip – How To Generate Random Numbers In Excel

Excel has a great built in function for generating random numbers. This function in Excel can be used for lots of reasons, but one of the main reasons I tend to generate random numbers is to populate and test Excel worksheets as I develop them. If I am developing a spreadsheet solution then it is great for giving my formulas and functionality a great workout. It can help identify any issues with formulas or calculation.

For example, say we want to generate a list of random numbers for sales figures for a fictional company to test a spreadsheet solution. We want to generate and use for testing a range of numbers between 10,000 to 100,000. This will represent how many business leads each of our fictional sales employees Excel’s built in random number generator is ‘RANDBETWEEN’.

This formula will allow you to specify the range of numbers Excel has to pick from. The syntax for the formula is as below


BOTTOM – This represents the lowest or bottom number the function should use in the calculation

TOP – This represents to the highest or top number the function should use in

Best 5 Digital Comic Book Apps

The emergence of new technology has also impacted the world of comics and changed the way we use to consume it. Comics have had been digitalized and transformed into apps that allow users to read their favorite digital comics and also arrange their comic collections and series.

Here, in this article you will get a list of most favourite comic apps to be used with your mobile devices:

Comics by comiXology (Android/ iOS) (Free)

One of the most popular apps in the digital world of comics is certainly Comixology. It features your favorite comics from major comic publishers like Marvel, DC, and many others through which the readers can purchase and read from the website of Comixology. Comixolgy’s mobile app runs on Android as well as iOS platform and also allows users to download contents from the website. For reading comics on small screen phones, you can use a “Guided View” mode but the worst part of it is that it works only for Comixology purchases and one cannot import it from an existing comic collection neither can one buy it as an in-app on iOS. Apps from Marvel and DC also use similar

Why to Invest in Resource Scheduling Software

With the huge size of company bases, planning and scheduling of ever increasing company resources is not becoming any easier. Depending on-paper management or use of desktop applications like spreadsheets and project tools to manage resources can be difficult because managers lack a clear picture of what is going on with resources on the ground which causes inadequate utilization of resources including human resources which consequently leads to increased and unnecessary operation costs.

Without close monitoring, for shared resources, like rooms and facilities like labs and conference rooms, double booking will be a major problem which wastes a lot of valuable time.

A shortage or an excess of resources available to meet current and future demands is common with the increasing scope of management and planning of resources.

Before implementing a scheduling tool plan the workload involved to plan and manage resources would be immense which takes a toll on supervising managers not forgetting the large documentation that would be involved making it a costly affair.

All this affects the company’s profitability due to wastage and reduces its competitive edge. Company clients and customers will as a result be unsatisfied leading to major

How 21Vianet Is Leading the Way for Cloud Computing Growth in China

Chinese Internet data center services provider 21Vianet is breaking new ground in an effort to provide best-in-class, cloud-based solutions and services required by China’s largest enterprise organizations.

Who is 21Vianet?

21Vianet, which operates in 44 cities across China, is China’s largest carrier-neutral Internet data center services provider. The company offers typical Internet data center services such as hosting, content delivery network services, managed network services, and cloud infrastructure services. 21Vianet maintains an extensive fiber optic network and uses its own smart routing technology to deliver data reliably and efficiently.

Like other large Internet data center services providers, 21Vianet is increasingly embracing cloud computing. In fact, 21Vianet’s two recent partnerships are positioning 21Vianet as a leader for cloud computing growth in China.

21Vianet Partners with Major Technology Providers

Earlier this year, the company invested in Aipu Group, one of China’s largest regional ISPs. As a result, 21Vianet now owns about half of the company and is its largest single shareholder.

The Aidu Group investment was but one of several strategic moves 21Vianet made. 21Vianet has recently partnered with major technology providers including Microsoft, Huawei, IBM, and Aryaka:

    • Aryaka – This deal incorporated

Retail Management Software Solutions for Multiple Functions

Retail Management Software Solutions can help in boosting your sales and reducing the cost thereby increasing profit margins. It can help both directly and indirectly in helping you gain and retain customers. You can secure key information on transactions, taxes, customer details, etc. The easing of complicated processes results in swift service which results in customer satisfaction. Your customers will give you repeated business, if technology assists you in serving them better.

The data recorded and generated in retail management software solutions get stored in a single database that serves the data to all the required systems. A retail business owner merely has to set aside some time to monitor the accurate reports each and every day on the sales, taxes, revenues, incomes and profits. It performs a string of calculations that are interrelated. From inventory management to order processing to highest sold items, retail management software solutions would be the most ideal technology for your business.

If the bills are processed quicker and if your customers are sent back home with their purchases with a short waiting time, they would vastly appreciate it. Retail management software solutions do not only process orders and calculate them.

Product Data Management – empowering small scale industries

The garment and apparel industries, whether of small or large scale, worldwide face the pressure of adapting to the changing markets, and consumer trends from time to time. Manufacturing in time, to meet the fluctuating and speedy demands, requires a sophisticated and organized system that provides timely solutions.

Producers today have a host of different software systems to choose from, like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) to name a few. But these solutions have so far been limited to and procured by large scale industries. Product Data Management (PDM) is developed keeping in mind small textile companies and their requirements. Software like this gives them a competitive edge and help remove bottlenecks pertaining to product data management.

The process of product development requires recording and communicating details of a particular garment to members involved in it. The traditional paper based method of procuring data is time-consuming and prone to errors. Retrieving and sharing information by the conventional means lacks efficiency and are not cost effective. Product management software is what comes handy and simplifies the otherwise complex procedure. The Product Data Management software (PDM) provides just that and

Simple Ways to Make Web Based Project Management Easier

Projects by their very nature are complex. This is especially true when the project has multiple parts and individuals assigned to specific tasks. When combined with a web element, these projects can become a problem. When it comes to web based project management, there are a few simple ways to sort through the information and increase productivity. Lets take a look at a few of these.

Tracking progress

One of the hardest things to do in web based project management is tracking progress. Whether it is tracking the tasks you are currently doing, or the multiple people who are working on the project, knowing where everyone is can be extremely helpful. The best way to speed up this process and reduce confusion is through tracking and self-report. This frequently involves using an app and having people report in a timely manner where they currently stand with their part of the project. This way, you can know how far along each person is, and what they are doing.


As a tool for web based project management, tracking progress is only possible if there is communication. The easier it is to request and send

L.A. County computer screening could produce get-out-of-jail card

In a jail system facing overcrowding and under growing pressure to release inmates early, one of the most difficult questions confronting the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is: Who do you let out?

Officials hope a key part of the answer is computer software that can sift through a matrix of “psychometric” data, including a 137-question survey, and help identify inmates who seem least likely to commit new crimes.

The questionnaire delves into personal histories: Were your parents divorced or separated? Have you or your friends ever used drugs? Have you ever belonged to a gang? The questions also probe inmates’ personalities and emotional makeup, including their ability to manage anger: “Some people see me as a violent person. Do you ‘strongly disagree,’ ‘disagree,’ ‘not sure,’ ‘agree,’ ‘strongly agree?’ “

The department has already surveyed about 3,400 inmates, and the screening program placed about 45% in low-risk categories, meaning that they could be eligible to serve their sentences outside of jail with electronic monitoring.

Reducing the inmate population is crucial because jails are filling up, mostly due to the state’s prison realignment program

South Korea software mogul joins presidential race

With less than 90 days left before this year’s South Korean presidential election, computer software mogul Ahn Cheol-soo has announced his presidential bid as an independent, turning the campaign into a three-way race.

A former physician, founder of a software company and a professor at Seoul National University, the 50-year-old Ahn last week suddenly became a dark-horse candidate popular among voters in their 20s and 30s.

Even before his announcement, polls showed Ahn closing in on Park Geun-hye, 60, a five-term legislator with the ruling New Frontier Party who is seen as the strongest candidate to succeed President Lee Myung-bak.

Park, the first female presidential candidate in Korea, is the daughter of former dictator Park Chung-hee, who ruled Korea from 1961 until his assassination in 1979.

Along with Park, Ahn is also running against the opposition Democratic United Party’s Moon Jae-in. Moon, a former chief of staff to late President Roh Moo-hyun, has been on the rise since easily winning the left-leaning party’s primary.

Some analysts noted that Ahn’s entry in the race could draw votes away from

Benefits of Tessellation Performance With DirectX 11

DirectX 11 is an API (Application Programming Interface) that helps to display the striking visual and a multimedia element, such as those used in 3D games. This makes the tessellation graphical techniques available to game developers. The benefit of using tessellation in computer graphics is the ability to convert the 3-dimensional and geometric shapes into the more realistic and smoother surfaces, while offering clearer visual detail.

Displacement Mapping

A standard component of DirectX 11 is displacement mapping which is designed to let game developers make more efficient use of high-end graphical elements without having to be so concerned with taking a significant hit on the speed and performance of the software application. Displacement mapping makes it possible to convert the regular flat texture into a 3-dimensional shape by using a specific technique to store data related to the height and shape. The use of displacement mapping is highly effective at creating the more realistic surfaces, such as those related to carvings or roofing shingles.


DirectX 11 is developed with a variety of refinement algorithms which make it easier for developers to smooth out blocky and jagged surfaces. By relying on tessellated polygons

Bob Wallace, 53 Pioneer in Computer Software

Bob Wallace, a computer software pioneer and an early Microsoft employee who struck out on his own in the early 1980s by launching the Seattle-based Quicksoft software company, has died. He was 53.

Wallace, who believed that being a computer programmer was the best way to enhance the mind and in recent years sold books about hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs on a Web site, died at his home Sept. 20 in San Rafael, Calif. The results of an autopsy are pending.

As owner, president and chief programmer of Quicksoft, which he founded in 1983, Wallace used an unorthodox marketing strategy, called “shareware,” to sell the word processing program he wrote, PC-Write.

Operating under the philosophy of “making a living, not a killing,” Wallace encouraged users to copy and share the $10 PC-Write diskette and then pay to register the program after trying it out.

users who paid the $75 annual registration fee received the benefits of a printed manual, telephone support, Quicksoft’s newsletters and two program updates.

“I don’t worry about the people who don’t register,” Wallace told

UCI Hires Expert on Computer Software

UC Irvine announced Monday that it has hired a nationally prominent computer software specialist, Leon J. Osterweil, effective Friday.

“I feel the appointment of Dr. Osterweil places UCI at the forefront of research and development in large-scale computer software,” said John King, chair of information and computer science at UCI.

Osterweil is nationally known for his research and inventions in the computer software field. He invented “process programming,” a software development technique, and also has specialized in static analysis, software environments and software tools, according to a UCI spokeswoman Cynthia Morris.

He said he looks forward to moving to UCI because of the campus’s close work with industry.

“I think UCI, which already has one of the best software engineering programs anywhere, is in a unique position to lead the world in software development,” Osterweil said. “There’s a lot of interaction between the industrial and academic communities in Orange County, and I’d like to help foster even more joint ventures between our software engineers and those in local industry.”

Osterweil has been a faculty member in the department of computer science at the University

The Economics of WAN Optimization’s Shift From Appliances to the Cloud

A few years ago, industry insiders began noticing and talking about the trend of cloud-based WAN optimization. Turns out, it was starting to take market share from the appliance market. Here we are heading into a new year and the factors prompting a move away from appliances and into the cloud remain relevant. Businesses continue to shift from WAN optimization appliances to cloud-based solutions, attributing much of this shift to economics (1).

For example, not only is the pricing accessible to small and mid-sized companies, cloud-based services eliminate the need for purchasing hardware. From a cost standpoint, it is far more attractive than WAN appliances. For example, you could pay as little as $500 per month for an Aryaka plan compared to $2,500 to $10,000 or more for a WAN appliance plus MPLS or some other form of transport. It’s hard to argue with those price differences.

How much do you know about the economic advantages of WAN optimization as a service? Here’s a quick true or false quiz for you:

1. It requires an appliance in order to be effective.

  • True
  • False

2. The virtual appliances are cheap.

  • True
  • False

3. You